Asante Cloud

Asante Cloud partners with Veeam

Your data is at risk.

Every day we see new headlines about data breaches and ransomware. Russian Hactivists groups have declared war on western countries. Even the best security defenses can’t garauntee protection from disaster.

Veeam brings total system solution.

Your company deserves an enterprise-grade solution, and we provide it. Asante Cloud offers not only high availability for backups and restores, but also intelligent workload analysis that can detect a potential failure before it happens. We’re excited to bring Veeam to our customers for the value it adds to disaster recovery.


Why Veeam

  • Simple Universal License for all uses.
  • Cloud Agnostic
  • Total system backup, cloud, VM, hardware etc
  • Comprehensive Office 365 backup

Veeam integrations provide bulletproof backups. From complicated technical systems to small office services like email and NAS. Asante Cloud can offer cost effective solutions for any size budget. No two businesses are alike. Veeam is a flexible tool in addition to our partnerships with AWS and Azure to ensure your disaster recovery plan just works.

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