China’s Security Landscape: Balancing National Security and Technological Advancements

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has called on his top national security officials to think about “worst-case” scenarios and prepare for “stormy seas” as the ruling Communist Party hardens efforts to counter any perceived internal and external threats. This renewed emphasis on national security comes at a time when China’s security and surveillance industry is also […]

Ransomware Gang Targets Energy Department and Federal Agencies in Global Hack

A recent cyberattack carried out by a Russian ransomware gang has compromised the Department of Energy and several other federal agencies. The attack targeted a widely used file-transfer program called MOVEit, affecting organizations across various sectors, including government agencies, corporations, and even state motor vehicle agencies. While the impact on national security is deemed minimal, […]

Microsoft Service Disruptions due to DDoS

Microsoft experienced service disruptions in its flagship office suite, including the Outlook email and OneDrive file-sharing apps, as well as its cloud computing platform. The cause of the disruptions was initially undisclosed, but Microsoft has now confirmed that the attacks were the result of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks carried out by a hacktivist group known […]

2023 Global Threat Report

CrowdStrike’s 2023 Global Threat Report delves into the recent past of adversary activity so you can better prepare for future attacks. By studying the details of these events,you gain visibility into the shifting dynamics of adversary tactics: what they’re after, who they’re targeting and how they operate. This year’s report was developed based on the […]

AWS Outage Highlights Importance of Failover Design for Critical Systems

The recent outage experienced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) serves as a reminder of the significance of designing failover mechanisms for critical systems hosted on any cloud platform. While the outage temporarily impacted various websites and services, it also underscores the importance of implementing robust failover strategies to ensure uninterrupted operations. The specific cause of […]

AWS Demonstrates Resilience with Strong Growth Despite Market Challenges

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud services division of Amazon, continues to showcase resilience and strong performance, achieving a 16% growth rate in the first quarter despite market challenges. While the growth rate may be slower compared to the previous year, it remains an impressive achievement in the current economic climate. As companies navigate concerns […]

Microsoft Uncovers State-Sponsored Attack Targeting US Critical Infrastructure

Microsoft Threat Intelligence has recently revealed a stealthy and targeted cyberattack on critical infrastructure organizations in the United States. The attack, attributed to a state-sponsored actor called Volt Typhoon, originates from China and is known for its focus on espionage and information gathering. Microsoft assesses with moderate confidence that this campaign aims to develop capabilities […]

Hive and Maui Ransomware Targets Healthcare IT.

Top security organizations are warning against increased ransomware activity from the aggressive Hive ransomware group and Maui malware from North Korea posing significant security threats for healthcare organizations. Hive is an exceptionally aggressive, financially motivated ransomware group known to maintain sophisticated capabilities who have historically targeted healthcare organizations. The Department of Health and Human Services […]

Asante Cloud partners with Veeam

Your data is at risk. Every day we see new headlines about data breaches and ransomware. Russian Hactivists groups have declared war on western countries. Even the best security defenses can’t garauntee protection from disaster. Veeam brings total system solution. Your company deserves an enterprise-grade solution, and we provide it. Asante Cloud offers not only […]