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Asante Cloud is a certified partner with the market leaders in Cloud Technology including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Tonaquint Data Centers (Idaho and Utah) for Cloud services and storage and Cohesity and Veeam for Disaster Recovery, Backup and Ransomware protection.

Our Specialties

Asante Cloud optimizes and protects Cloud IT ecosystems with a specific focus on disaster recovery, ransomware protection, cloud storage, and migrations. Our specific service lines include:

Cyber Security-Disaster Recovery, Backup and Ransomware Protection

Cloud-Application and Data Migrations, Cloud Architecture and Storage

Ongoing Cloud Support –Cloud Billing Review, Cost and Performance Optimization 

Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud and Private Cloud utilizing AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Tonaquint (Boise and Utah Data Centers).

Cost-effective Amazon S3, Glacier or Azure Archive Storage classes that are purpose-built for data archiving, providing you with the highest performance, most retrieval flexibility, and the lowest cost archive storage in the cloud.

Cloud Migrations

We can help you migrate any workload into the AWS, Azure Cloud, or Tonaquint data center. Typical migrations include storage, applications, websites, databases, physical or virtual servers (VMWare migrations) and even entire data centers from an on-premises environment or hosting facility.

IT Assessments Utilizing the Six Pillars

We can assess your current ecosystem and provide a proof-of-concept solutions for your review. We utilize the well architected framework review (WAR) to build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for a variety of applications and workloads.

we measure, and build using architectural best practices built around the six pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability,

Ongoing Cloud Management and Support

Never be surprised by unexpected Cloud expenses due to unnecessary utilization. Once migration is complete, we are able to manage your monthly Cloud expenditures and as well as provide quarterly health checks to make sure all is secure, and your Cloud billing and utilization is optimized, powered by CloudCheckr at no additional cost.



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