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Email Security

Email Security

Nearly all malware continues to be delivered through email, 40% of cyber breaches utilized email phishing in the attack. Email continues to play a large role in cyber attacks. We offer robust email security solutions to help defend against evolving email based attacks, with comprehensive features to ensure secure communications. We offer multiple solutions to fit each client’s needs.


Key Features

Advanced Threat Detection:

Our email security solutions leverage sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and block malicious emails, including phishing attempts, malware, and ransomware. By continuously analyzing email content, attachments, and sender behavior, we can detect and neutralize threats before they reach your inbox.

Real-Time Email Monitoring:

Stay one step ahead of email threats with our real-time monitoring capabilities. Our systems constantly analyze incoming and outgoing emails, detecting anomalies and suspicious patterns. This proactive approach allows for swift detection and response to potential security breaches, ensuring that your organization remains protected.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing Measures:

Protect your employees from unwanted emails and phishing scams with our anti-spam and anti-phishing features. Our solutions employ advanced filters and algorithms to identify and block unsolicited emails, reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks or inadvertently disclosing sensitive information.

Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention:

Safeguard the confidentiality of your email communication with our email encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. Our solutions ensure that sensitive information remains encrypted while in transit, preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, DLP policies help prevent accidental or intentional data leaks by identifying and blocking the transmission of sensitive data through email.

Email Continuity and Archiving:

Ensure business continuity even during email system outages or disruptions with our email continuity services. In the event of an email server failure, our solutions provide uninterrupted access to your archived emails and enable you to continue sending and receiving emails. This feature helps maintain productivity and prevents data loss during critical periods.

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