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Malware Poses Critical Infrastructure Threat to U.S. Military Operations

The Biden administration is investigating a serious cybersecurity threat: malicious computer code believed to be hidden deep within critical infrastructure networks. Suspected to be the work of Chinese hackers, the malware has raised concerns that it could disrupt U.S. military operations, particularly in the event of a conflict, and impact civilian life as well.

The malware, described by officials as a “ticking time bomb,” could potentially cut off power, water, and communications to U.S. military bases, affecting military deployments and resupply operations. However, the same infrastructure also serves ordinary Americans in their homes and businesses, adding to the potential risks.

Initial detection of the malware was made in May, but investigations have revealed that the Chinese effort has been ongoing for over a year. The malware’s presence appears more widespread than initially thought, posing challenges in eradicating it due to its sophisticated evasion tactics.

The discovery highlights the increasing sophistication of Chinese cyberoperations and emphasizes the need for continuous vigilance in protecting critical infrastructure and bolstering cybersecurity practices. Chinese officials have denied any involvement, and the situation adds to the complexity of U.S.-China relations in cyberspace.

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