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The Misconception of Office 365

Most people believe that Microsoft Office 365, being a cloud solution, is automatically backed up and secure. Unfortunately, most people don’t find out that it is NOT backed up until it’s too late. Microsoft does an excellent job of providing uptime and availability for Office 365. Microsoft provides replication of data and services across multiple locations to ensure your email works when you need it. Replication is not the same as a backup. This is where the misconception comes from. This replication system maintains two identical copies only for usage if one of Microsoft’s servers go down. In that event a new copy is made. This provides solid uptime, but zero protection for your actual data and any changes that may have occurred.

If you want to ensure that your email and files are protected against changes in the actual data, you need a backup. Common issues with Office 365 include accidental user deletion of data, malware, ransomware and retention policies. If your data becomes encrypted by ransomware, that data change is replicated to all copies of your Office 365 cloud platform. Cloud replication is only for uptime availability, not security.

Asante Cloud provides solutions for backing up and recovering Office 365 platforms that will allow you to quickly restore your systems after a disaster. With our partnerships with Veeam, AWS, Microsoft and other data storage partners, we can provide automatic state change backups for your Microsoft Office platform. Our engineers can determine the best solution to ensure your data is safe. With our expansive partnerships, we can find the right cloud storage for your backups, and at the right price.

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